Myopia Exhibition Narrative

Myopia – See the future before you an advertisers nightmare 

We like to think of ourselves as civilised thinkers, however we are still driven by the impulse for survival, domination and expansion, so we use up all the oil, use up all the coal and will keep going till we fill the Petri dish and pollute ourselves out of existence, this maybe slightly morbid but there is another factor that is making things even worse and its the invention of human culture, its a culture in which people are encouraged to accumulate and show off material wealth, to the point where it defines their status in society and their self-image.

Having being brought up in western society consumerism has been bred into us from birth. Advertising dictates to us how we should be living our lives to have happy fore-filling existence. Material possessions have become a symbol of wealth and stature working ourselves into the ground to buy the latest gadget, get in the trendiest restaurants, to make sure that your not walking around in last seasons clothes. Does all this really define us as human beings, are we co-existing respectfully with other living beings. Look for yourself – ask yourself if this is what being human is?

I want to try and create an narrative to entice the viewers of all ages to an exhibition which shows the implications of consumerism and the layers of design which make us want to consume. Design of advertising is implicated in forming the ground to an unsustainable world. Yet the consumer spree carries on regardless, and few of us are aware that we’re still willing slaves to a completely artificial injunction to consume. The result is a world in which rampant consumption in rich countries is rapidly outstripping the resources in the world needed to ratify demand. Which inevitably will result in World Elimination by Design.

Mingling Ou

This kind image is something that I thought could exhibit within the Myopia exhibition. I think this picture  is an explanation of what is going on right now about the impact of the commercial advertising. Advertisements are everywhere, even new born babies are surrounded by them.

I know that a lot has changed over the last 10 years where it comes to sustainability and people are becoming more aware of their own self consumption, and impact that we individually are having on the world. However it is still a huge issue and some are unaware of the consumer bubble in which they reside in.



On Display

This five week branding project was the first big project that we had this year. Our brief was to propose and develop a cohesive exhibition experience, by creating an identity brand that works across a number of printed, digital, and spatial contexts. We were given themes to choose from.

I started to break down each theme to decide which one appealed to myself the most.

Apologises for the state of my paper, my drink decided to share itself with my bag!

I choose to go with Defuturing, as this is something I feel is close to my own ethics within design. To make a change in the way that we design for the better of the world.

Defuturing is something that is characterised as 20th design, and is part of the title of a series of books by Tony Fry called A New Design Philosophy, An introduction to Defuturing. I wasn’t able to get hold of a copy of his book but I found quite a lot of snippets via various internet sites. 

Whilst reading through the text, I jotted down key parts that where going to start to form ideas for the exhibition.


On display .001

This is the main points that I took from the book. One word that stood out to myself was Myopia. It is not something that I had come across before,

1. Ophthalmology. a condition of the eye in which parallel rays are focused in front of the retina,objects being seen distinctly only when near to the eye; nearsightedness
2. Lack of foresight or discernment; obtuseness.
3. Narrow-mindedness; intolerance.
(Definition taken from


I thought that the Myopia would be a good name for the exhibition, focusing on the consumerism in particular. We live in a world of desire to acquire and advertising feeds this desire. We have turned consumption and consumerism into a necessity of how we define ourselves in society. The word Myopia I feel fits in well with this topic, shortsightedness of modern society and our need to have “stuff” with the knock on effect that it has on our environment.


One day branding workshop


IMG_5347 (1)

What a difference a day can make! I was struggling to get back into the swing of things after our summer break but this one day branding workshop massively helped with my motivation for our topic of branding this term.

This was a collaboration project where we were given an idea for a product and design a new logo (as pictured above).

Research into existing products that are already on the market was our first point of call. powerpoint_Page_02

Most of the logos that were out there had a robot within it. Blue and orange seemed to be the most common colours, blue is particularly popular within the logos on average.

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After some discussion it was decided that we should use a picture of an existing product, visually the product helped, as we used the face to inform our design of the logo.

The next stage was to take our idea and design it on the computer. We decided to use the typeface Futura, a somewhat obvious choice but  as it was a clean futuristic typeface that was needed, which tided in well with the idea of the robot being next generation technology. ROBOT BABY

Our initial design above. We were having trouble with the placement of the word “BABY”, it was a little detached from the rest of the logo. Also the text was plain. we decided to cut up the letters, and changed the colour of BABY to orange, and added an antenna to the robots head.


The slices in the letters worked well visually. However there were too many colours within the logo, which was distracting from the overall logo. With a little pointer from our lecturer we took out the body of the robot.


It brought the whole logo together and we were able to play around with the placement of the text. ROBOT BABY4

After using bold Futura and making the logo duotone, the logo was looking a little less simple however effective. We choose to take out some and the slices on the letters and only use them on the letters “B”. Below is our final design.

ROBOT BABY5ai copy

The next stage was to make the logo come alive by placing on packaging and advertising

After making the net for the box of the Robot Baby and placing the logo and in place the box itself was looking a visually empty. We downloaded a circuit board design from the internet to add some texture to the packaging.


We placed the logo onto billboards, bus stop advertising and t-shirts. Also a mock up of how the logo would work on the navigation controls of the Robot itself on a mobile phone app.

I feel that we developed our ideas well as a group and by sticking to the brief of coming up with a bright, vibrant, slick and retro logo we have come up with something that looks like it could be used in a real life product. I found that this project was helpful as it showed just how much I could get done within a day, which is going to valuable rolling in to our next branding project.

Final Edits and Printing

Procrastination was my downfall in this project. I had grand ideas of making something that would standout from the crowd, even though I like my final piece, its not as good as I wanted it to be in the first place. Making an interactive piece was the original ambition. Overall though I throughly enjoyed this project, hoping that it reflects in my final piece.

For my final edits, I managed to sort out my rag, the text boxes all nice and rectangular, making the piece look clearer. I changed the last page with a image of light reflexing on the wall, rather than the embossing idea. I feel that pages are more interesting to look at as you read through the piece. I had trouble with the layout of the middle spread, as they were both quite similar in layout. In hindsight I probably could have left one side of the spreads to play to have a play with a larger quote to strengthen the overall feel of the piece.

IMG_0708IMG_0709IMG_0710 2IMG_0711 2

I was disappointed after printing my piece that the last page text wasn’t as legible as it needed to be, the font probably could have been put in bold. Just shows how important it is pre print before final print. I used book binding blots to hold the whole piece together. Im really pleased with the overall design. Now for getting ready for the end of year exhibition, Im a little bit excited, feels great to have finished our first year, really have a great experience. From looking at my final piece compared to project that were produced at the beginning of the year I can see how much I have developed my skills and learn.

Prep for the end of year exhibition

A spot of painting and clearing up from the graduation exhibition.

Displaying of our final projects and pieces from our previous field project.

Was great to see everyones work being displayed. There was some really high quality work thats been produce by everyone. Looking forward to getting stuck into the second year now, though will feel a little lost this summer without being in Uni. Roll on year 2.

PDP – Constellation

Learning to see, learning to know, learning to do.

At  the start of constellation module of my course I was a little uncertain what to expect……….I had chosen to part take in the lectures and workshops for Things could be otherwise and New Materialism. After the first couple of lectures I got the point of Constellation, and it was really interesting. Both my lecturers were passionate about their subject, which encouraged myself to get stuck into.

Its enabled myself to reflect and draw from history of art and design, philosophy, historical and contemporary theoretical concepts. I have been able to visualise new possibilities as opposed to the pre-conceptions of my discipline and worldview, challenging the status quo of my thinking. Which has given me the impetus to think about how my own work and how different audiences will react. Taking into account different cultures and demographics, was not something that I hadn’t taken into consideration before. My aim was to please my lecturer to get the grades, but it is really getting me prepared for a competitive world of creativity and consumerism! Having some strong views on the world already it has given me the foundation to argue and voice my views in a more academic way, not just a fallacy!

Constellation consisted of writing two essays From not having written an essay for a number of years (15 years) and the thought of academic research  and the bibliography was a little daunting to start with. However it has opened up a whole new world for new opinions, concepts and philosophies. Our lectures give us the key concepts and opinions in the subject, which from there made me want to learn more. For instance I had never heard of Google scholar before. I literally spent hours researching, encouraging me to buy books on subjects that I would not have looked twice at before. I have discovered that I like psychology and what it is that makes us do what we do. James Elkins, The Object Stares Back, was a real eye opener (literally) to the way that we as a western culture view and digest information, the world around us.

My research into Are we Cyborgs? for my Things can be otherwise essay took me off on many different tangents. It has opened a new insight into other peoples lives and  their own creative perspective on the world. From the Cyborg artists to people that consider themselves part cyborg. There is a beautiful and varied world out there.

I can now debate about support an argument into whether or not we as humans are cyborg or not, going beyond my own ideas and views.This subject was a new idea for myself, I had only thought of Cyborgs in the Movies, It was interest to learn about what some class as being human, already taking on the traits of being Cyborg or not. Its a question that has opened up a new view point on us as human beings.

Within the lectures we were encouraged to part taking in debates with our peers,  I found particularly helpful, it encouraged myself to be more vocal about my opinions and views. It was interesting to how see how other views differed. As well as our debates, there was practical side within the lectures from drawing and afternoons out in the elements. It was great to use my hands and explore different art concepts, as from being in the studio sat at the computer, which is a majority of the time within modern graphics.


The process of looking at wider theoretical concepts outside of my graphics discipline, has enabled myself view my course from a different position, almost steeping out of my work to see how others would view and take in my final pieces. I have been able to critically reflect on my own ideas in Graphic Communication as well as those with in my own discipline and others while working in the trandisaplinary module for field, something that I would have never experienced fully, if this was not part of my course. The information and views from Constellation, has had a positive effect on my work. I have been able to research wider, looking a lot of different subjects and art from other cultures and disciplines. I have found that I really enjoy researching for my projects and essays. Something I will continue to do throughout my time at Cardiff Met and on to my careers as a Graphic Communicator, by which time I will have had a vast amount of influence from the constellation part of the course.

I have really enjoyed this part of my course, and feel that it is a great and unique way of learning, helping me to see that bigger picture of the wider world outside of my own demographic and experiences. I am really looking forward to next two years Constellation Lectures.

Final edits ready for digital hand-in

Taking on broad the group crit comments I set about making changes to my editorial. Losing the pink, opening up the layout by getting rid of the lines on the quotes. Im still struggling with the layout of the text boxes, which is Ive moved around so much now that I can’t decide on the best position. Again Ive shy’d away from the type detailing, just wanting to get it handed in and then to make the final edits ready for printing. Still felt that the layout could be more playful, Im struggling to think outside of the box and come up with something that is going to stand out. There was an idea to emboss musical notes on the last page as an interpretation of Anna listening to audio books in her darkened room. I created notes in illustrator and placed them over the last page.

A decade in the dark2.6_Page_1A decade in the dark2.6_Page_2A decade in the dark2.6_Page_3A decade in the dark2.6_Page_4

Packaging the final piece was something that I had not come across before. I found that there was lots of messing around with changing the images from RBG to CMYK ready to package properly. Also had trouble with linking the oblique font, which needed to be downloaded again. However it was a positive exercise and something that I would be able to do with no issues for the next digital hand in. Hoping that there won’t be too many changes to be made before I have to print.

Editorial Group Crit – Presentation of PDF

It was great to see everybody’s work so far in our presentation of our pieces. Lots of my peers had also chosen A Decade In The Dark text as well, was really interesting to see how it had been interpreted differently by others. There were a few that stood out, especially Allegra’s editorial on modern day slavery. Felt that the pace and overall layout was excellent, with a clever use of a line that ran throughout the piece which brought it all together.

I had some really positive comments on my piece, even though there was mixed reviews on my cut off quotes, it was suggested that I try and make them so that the words are shown in full, to make it more legible. Lots of work to be done on the type detailing, something that I knew was going to be brought up……I had messed around with the layout of the text boxes, trying to get the path for the eye right, that it had been left. To be honest it was not something that I am confident in doing, will have to  research into how to do it properly, definitely needs to be done, don’t want an awful rag distracting from the overall layout. The use of the pink was questioned, I could not justify it, other than it was a nice contrasting colour on top of the imagery and blackness of the last page. Will have a play around with some less garish colours.

It was also suggested that I took that lines out of the pulled out quotes, as they felt like they were boxed in, I somewhat liked them, but I will see have they look by being set free.


Overall this group crit was really helpful, plenty of work to be done now to get the final piece finalised.