Summer Task

Illuminated letter forms 

I had to develop one contemporary illuminated letter form. By using the first letter of my name which is D. We had the choice as to how we wanted to present our letter, whether it being hand drawn, computer generated, collaged etc. No bigger than A3 and based on an existing typeface. It had to include three essential pieces of information:

  • Who inspires you?
  • An interesting fact about myself.
  • Why choose Cardiff School of Art and Design?

I first began to research illuminated letter forms. I enjoyed learning about how letter forms / typefaces started and developed.

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From research I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do. I would have liked to encoporate Andy warhol style to my finished piece, by using the technique of screen printing. However, with limited materials at the time, I decided that  stencilling was the best option to me.

So I started to research techniques this website below was the most helpful and relevant to what i wanted to achieve.

I also researched a street Artist called Bansky. One of his main techniques is the use of stencils when he works.  https://en.wikipedia.olaugh-now-sandwich-board-wearing-monkey-by-banksyrg/wiki/Banksy. I am fond of his works and I find some humorous however there are many political connotations, which make you think twice about what you are looking at. His technique is very effective, and I hope to achieve the same effect.



After much research and development in my sketch book. I got started on my final piece


I really benefited from and enjoyed this project as it has reignited my passion for Graphic design, and art.   I look forward to getting stuck into my course with enthusiasm.



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