Word – Typographic Terminology

As Graphic Communicators it is important to understand the specifics and terminology of typographic letterforms, their shapes and context. As part of our research process we were required to research and illustrate certain typographic terms in our sketchbooks.

These different letterforms can be applied to different typefaces. For instance when looking at the typeface Helvetica. Helvetica in essence is a san serif letterform but there are many variations. There is Helvetica bold, light, italic and the list goes on.  Variable fonts gives  creators a broad palette of typographic features without having to manage hundreds of font styles. Variable fonts are all about doing more with less.

By looking at the anatomy of different typefaces you gain a understanding of what makes a certain typeface. This website was a great help when researching for this: http://www.thinkingwithtype.com/contents/letter/ 


This anatomy of Didot which is part of the serif family of typefaces, shows the different parts of the type which makes Didot Didot!

This was really interesting to research about, the terminology of typography is extensive and I have a lot to take in and learn. I has made me appreciate the art of typography even more.


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