Modular Typefaces

A Modular typeface is an alphabet constructed out of a limited number of shapes or modules. Below are a few example of ones that I found.


APPHabet 7 by Marcus Leis Allion 
Ruby font by Carlos Vigil 


Each of the typefaces are have been produced in many different ways. For our course we were put into groups of 5-6, we were provided with graph paper, so that during the session we had to design the basis of a typeface using a system devised by ourselves. It had to be consistent / legible. As well as Considering which letterforms that could be deconstructed or repeated to make other letters forms. We began by each drawing out some designs of our own. From there we made a decision of which one we would develop further. Below are the first designs that I came up with.


After making a decision on which concept we preferred we then as a deducted a strategy for constructing the letterforms. Our module for this needed was 6 circles up and 3 circles across on the graph paper. To make the process easier we decided that we should start with the letterforms that could be deconstructed or repeated. Such as the letter d, which could then be a p, b, q. img_1987

Our group letterforms were then presented to the class. As a whole I feel that we achieved an effective and creative modular letterform.

To take this process a step further we were asked to digitise our own letter form using illustrator, based on the typographic system that we developed in our groups.




The process of making a modular typeface has given me an insight into how typefaces are constructed. The ability to build a modular alphabet can be a really powerful tool in the creation of bespoke type. Often producing some beautiful an original pieces of artwork.


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