Quentin Blake Exhibition


Blake is one of Britain’s  best loved illustrators, known famously for his illustrations in Roald Dahl books. Blake himself writes about his techniques and experiences of being an illustrator. The exhibition brings together first drafts and finished art work to demonstrate how his own ideas evolved.

Images taken from Cardiff museum website

We looked at 9 books chosen by Blake and next to each book he talks about how he developed characters and mood, and examines the essential balance between text and pictures. A interesting part of the exhibition for me, was a short film that showed how he uses different types of techniques with is pens to create the distinctive look to his unforgettable illustrations. There was also a piece on the design process showing illustrations from the “The Green Ship”, it was interesting to see the working out of how blocks of text and Illustrations were worked out to sit within the space nicely.

The whole exhibition was very well laid out with a lovely flow to the exhibits all encompassed in a light and open room, adorned with large illustrations of his work all around to see. Over all it was all very familiar, stirring up great memories of reading Roald Dahl books in my childhood. Has also inspired me to look up other works that he has illustrated.


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