Cardiff Font Hunt


We were given a task in groups to seek out certain types of fonts within Cardiff city centre. The typefaces that was had to find were:

  • Nesting – when a letter fits snuggly in a space shaped specifically for that letter, and the letter is shaped for the shape


  • Ligature – When two of the letters out of the word are joined together
  • Condensed – theses typeface allow you to make the font fit into a space when there is limited amount of space to fit your word into.

Finding examples of these was more difficult than first expected. I found that the ligature typefaces that we had sourced were not correct to their definit2000px-ligaturesion, as I discovered after the hunt. Ligature typefaces are only  relevant to certain letters. As shown in the picture to the right. We were also mistaken with the nesting typeface, as the images that we took were classed more as logos rather than nesting.






As you can see from the image on the left, nesting is literally the letter nested neatly into the word.

After our font hunt we, discussed what we had each found and choose a couple of typeface to recreate in the studio, with coloured card. We then up all the pieces together to create a display in our reception at University.

I enjoyed discovering different typefaces in Cardiff, it has made me more aware of all the different types of fonts that are used everyday. I am now finding it very difficult not to spot and question any type of font that I see. It has made me look at my world in a different way. This activity has also taught me how important it is research properly, something that I will be more aware of for my future projects.



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