Six Word Story – Hybography


Final pieces displayed in the studio

For this brief we were asked to come up with a six word story that encapsulates the essence of a Roald Dahl story of our choice. I decided to go with one of my favourite Roald Dahl stories from my childhood ‘The Twits’. The word that I choose were ‘Hairy revolting duo play beastly tricks‘. From this I had to create an A3 black and white typographic poster. Thing that we had to consider:

  • The majority  or all of the letterforms must be hybrids
  • Must not contain any illustration or image
  • The tone of the words used
  • Can use both upper and lower case
  • size and scale of the letters
  • Placement of the text

To begin with I started to look at Hybography – typographic hybrid. This process creates new forms using half serimg_0221-2if and half san-serif. You can do this by cutting and chopping letters and placing them together. We were given a large sheet with serif and san-serif letters on, like the photo to the left. By tracing over the letters half and half, I was able to create the hybrids letterforms. The next part was to choose descriptive words and conveyimg_0229 their meaning with my newly created letterform. These are some of my experiments. Think that word explode came out the most effective.

Below are a few sketches that I made in my sketch book of ideas that I started to have.

After initial drawings I started to develop my ideas in Illustrator. Fonts used that I used  Luminari (serif) and Duperpro (Sanserif)

Luminari and Duperpro fonts used to create the hybrid font

I was trying to make the hypo font messy and a little playful.  I was trying to make the word revolting look like it was throwing up the duo, I turned the g around to give this effect, with the word duo spilling out of the g’s mouth. The word Play I created the effect of it being playful by placing the a above to make it look like the l and the y were kicking it about.  For Beastly I used the white arrow (in illustrator) to drag the whole word down to give the effect of it being more scary / sinister. The word tricks, I turned the i and the k inside down so that it had a mischievous look.

It was challenging to make the words come across as their descriptions, and getting to grips with Illustrator, as it was something that i had not used before. However from looking at the piece again I would have liked to make hairy and tricks larger to stand out more to emphasise these words. I think that I may do some more tweaking to this piece to get a cleaner outlook of the whole piece.

six-word-story-2-02 this is my final piece

6-word-story the alphabet that I made with two different fonts.



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