Didot Type specimen Poster Design

After research and initial sketches, I set about creating my Type specimen poster in indesign. Below shows my process from initial set up to the almost final design.

I wanted the overall piece to look elegant to match that of Didot characteristics. I found the grid in indesign very helpful, it enabled myself to play around with the characters within the poster, but also keeping everything uniformed. I initially played around at giving the type an almost print press feel.didot

However, I didn’t that it showed the true nature of the typeface, so decided to keep the type clean and clear. You’ll also be able to see that the full alphabet of the typeface has been placed at the bottom left underneath the word Didot. This was also changed during my work process, I wanted to be more playful with text. As shown below. didot-b

As the piece was developed I started to change some of the text to different shades of grey. It gave the overall look more depth. With the use of negative space around the text blocks it leaves a nice path for the eye to navigate around the poster.


I am very pleased with the overall outcome of my poster. I particularly feeling the letters and numbers around the border has made the poster playful and interesting to look at. I enjoyed the development process, which has given myself more confidence with working with indesign.


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