Didot Poster review


As a class we reviewed our final posters with our peers and lectures. In pairs we had to come up with 3 positives about their poster and 1 negative. My peer review was helpful they liked;

  1. The composition of the 1783
  2. The placement of the lettering around the boarder of the poster.
  3. It looks fun and experimental

The negative was; to be aware of the negative space in the middle of the poster.

My lectures agreed with the comments made, and added that the Yves Saint Laurent symbol positioned in the O of Didot needed to be blended in with the background. Overall just a few bits to tweak. I found this very helpful, its good to have constructive criticism, it will help to refine my final design. I may also add more of the falling letters and symbols around the boarders, as I think it makes the piece interesting to look at.

I really enjoyed producing this piece of work. Aswell gaining an incite to the history of the Didot typeface, I have come away with more skills with regards to the adobe suite.


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