Difference between observing and feeling

During our lecture which we where discussing vision as a heirachy, we were asked to pick a object out of a bag and without looking at it, and just by feeling it we had to draw what we felt. Once we had made a sketch of it we had to then draw what we saw. Below are the two drawing that I made during this activity.


As you can see from the sketches above I was almost right with the shape of what I was feeling, but you can see differences between the two. The one that was being felt whilst drawing is a lot more sketchy, as I was unsure of certain sides of the object due it being turned around in my hand to figure out what i needed to be drawing. Another noticeable difference is that fact that the sketch of the object whilst I was holding it is smaller than the other. I think that this is due to the fact of uncertainty of what it was, and not fully trusting what I was feeling. Why are we not fully trusting of our hands? Are we too reliant on our vision? If I had been more confident in what I was feeling, perhaps I may have been able to draw the object as it was.


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