Cardiff in Photo

img_0442For this one day workshop we were asked to develop a series of images that is able to give the viewer an alternative view of Cardiff. The aim of the task is to help us explore the power of photos in communicating messages. We were given these four terms to try and convey in image. I started by creating mind maps in my sketch book, with the terms given as the headings. This enabled myself to be able organise any ideas and helped to come up with new ones. As well as headings for Cardiff and Guerrile / commercial campaign, these assisted me trying to think outside the box. Especially when researching into Guerrile advertising. Some of which are highly effective. I must look into these at another stage as for this project is it not quite relevant.

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We were split into group of four. As a group we discussed and decided on the shots that we need to acquire. Below are the original photos that were taken on our  discovery tour around Cardiff.

The top left photo depicts Big / Small city. Cardiff as a capital city seems to have everything in a fairly condensed area. So we wanted to show the cities vastness in a small area. This term was quite hard to put across. We were trying to get into the tallest building in Cardiff  (Which is the BT building) to get a greater view of the city. However we were not allimg_0458owed access. So this photo was take from the central library. As you can see from the photo to the left it has a huge amount of windows, which once inside give many views of all around the city.

Green Gem I feel was one of the easiest of the photos that needed to be taken, as Cardiff itself is surrounded by green open spaces. The final image is not the same as the one above as it shows more of the grounds surrounding Cardiff Castle. The third term in this series was CuriousCITY is the bottom left image. It was taken in a bush outside of the Cardiff Museum, to come across as if someone is curiously looking at the building. I think that it is quite effect. The final image is theatre of dream. At the time of taking the photo there was bubbles being blow out side of a restaurant by a bubble machine. The building itself is the New Theatre, which is situated in the centre of Cardiff City.

After the initial photos were taken it was time to edit them using photoshop. After a few tweaks with the contrast and brightness, below are the four final images that were presented to the rest of the class.

Overall I really benefited from this mini project, as it has given a greater understanding of how important it is to get an image right to be able to convey a specific message, as an image can often be read in different ways.


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