Implicit and Explicit

Part of being a Graphic designer we must know how and when to use the right image.  From looking into reading photographs as a narrative we looked more in-depth into implicit and explicit photographs to gain a better understanding of how they are used within our Graphic Communication discipline. Photographs have an immense power to communicate information as well as misinformation, so knowing how to read an image is an advantage.

When looking at implicit photographs they rely on subtler means to deliver a message, by not clearly stating what you are meant to be focusing on, this allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions. There is often a psychological or symbolic element which makes the viewer look deeper into the photo and can make an association with. However messages in the implicit photography can sometimes get lost. But when directed well can have a massive impact. Explicit photos makes a direct statement and has a lot more literal meaning as to what message it is trying to convey. Explicit photography  can send a clear message and removes any opportunity for confusion. Therefore the subject of the image can usually be explained without any context to explain.

To help us get a better understanding of this we were given a task in pairs to produce one explicit photograph and one implicit in self portrait of each of us. So far we have created the implicit. From having a discussion with my colleague we were able to work out how we were going to direct each other to get a desirable image that portrayed part of our personality. photo-pro-fri-2 This link will take you to our final edited images.

I found that working with James very productive, we were able to convey our thoughts to each other clearly, which gave us more time to take photographs and edit them before they where to be presented. In James final photos as I hope that you can see, that we were trying to portray his vain side by taking a shot of himself in the mirror. However I think that it was his self development side to him that makes him vain, by striving to get the best out of himself.

For my own photograph there was an element of pensiveness that we were trying to put across. I am a forward thinker, looking to make my future better for myself and those around me. I was under the impression that the final outcome of our images was positive and we managed to fulfil the brief.

From being on the other side of the camera and thinking about the composition, it has made me more aware what I actually want to portray when taking a photograph  for my own work.  It has given me greater understanding about reading and composing photographs and to scrutinise the content and the intent of the image that I maybe observing.




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