Image Week 1 – Part 2 Image / Frame

This part of our image section was all about pattern. With the use of our own photos, we were asked to design a frame for a photographic portrait. The frame needed to be constructed from an object relating to the person in the portrait. Below is the example that Ray our lecturer designed. You can see the steps taken to create the final design.  From picture to selected section then repeating the section in different angles to create the  final frame. raysimage

I used a picture of my daughter Elsie for the photographic portrait. To create the frame I borrowed Elsie’s beloved toy dog Jasper. He was taken to the photographic studio were I was able to get some great shots of him in adequate light.

The images were then transferred to photoshop were I cropped a section of Jaspers face. This was then copied and turned horizontally or vertical and repeated  4 times to create a the first tile of the pattern. To help with this process, the use of grid was beneficial as it almost magnetises the tile into place, allowing the process to be more accurate and speedy.  As you can see below, the end result after copying and pasting over the whole canvas size, has created an effective pattern.

The next stage was to crop the photo ofimg_0674 Elsie to place on the pattern. The use of the magic wand in photoshop enabled me to select the parts of the photo that I needed. This cropped image was then copied and pasted onto the pattern to create a new layer on top.

Even with the use of the grids I still had a few tiles that haven’t lined up. More vigilance needs to be taken for next time. However I feel that the outcome of the final design is interesting to look at. Really enjoyed creating this piece. Something that I will continue doing, as I got lots of satisfaction from this process, which is fairly simple to do, but creates some really interesting results, which are pleasing to look at.


Here are a couple more that I created using the same process.


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