Series Of Images 1

The making of a series of images enabled us to explore graphic strategies that will help to group the images in a stylistic way, even when the content may vary. Series of images can be used for magazines, brochures, leaflets, etc. They are effective as they link the whole piece together.

We were asked to design sets of images that will be used to promote summer courses for 18/19 year olds. We had to use the facilities around us, so I decided to develop a series for a Pottery summer course leaflet, as there is a pottery studio situated within our university. Asking their permission first I captured photos of their process, facilities and then pieces that they had on display around the studio.

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I chose 4 photos for from the photos that I captured and began to develop each one using photoshop tools. The image on the left below is a close up of  a student using the potters wheel. I liked the shape that the hands made while throwing a pot, personally I found it interesting to look at. This image was turned to grayscale then cutout and a turquoise background added.  Turquoise was a pleasing contrast to the greys in the image.

The image on the right above, I took a different approach. Instead of cut the section of the image that I wanted to keep, I decided to fill the background with the paint bucket tool with a lighter turquoise and then a darker shade on certain parts, like the windows in the building opposite, which I think creates depth in the image. The outcome had an organic feel to it, which tied in nicely with Pottery.

The image below is the final 4 images for the series that I created. I applied that same Graphic strategy to each of the images, with the turquoise colour running through them. I find them interesting to look at.



This is another image that I created with photoshop. Similar strategy used as the other series, but this image is made with 3 photo, to create the final image.



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