Ephemera – Research 2

Chapter Arts and Designboom

Part of the design process is to understand your client. By researching in both Chapter arts and Designboom I will be able to get a feel for what they have already produced. Chapter is the venue for the hypothetical Super 7 Design Festival and Deisgnboom being presenting the Super 7 Designers.

Below is the Chapter Arts brochure, which showcases the monthly events and listings. The same layout and grid system is used with every monthly issue. The brochure a uniformed with the cover relating to the contents. The use of the clean almost futuristic font in the title block is carried though.

I think that they have used an eight column grid system when designing this emphera. It has enabled the designers to be more flexible and playful with the page layouts. The images are clear and colourful with some more gritty and some a little obscure, creates interest. There is a clear path for the eye, with the headings placed in the top right of the articles ontop of the images. Even though there is not much negative space, it doesn’t feel to busy,  articles are clear and interesting to look at. Something to bear in mind when designing my own ephemera.

http://www.designboom.com  This is the designboom website for their online magazine. Which showcases the best of architecture, art and design. The layout of the website is look clean and clear with a key colour of yellow, which runs throughout the site. It has a modern feel to it, with eye catching headlines and tags. The whole website is written using lower case text, I assume that this is to coincide with the modern feel, and works for the site, however, I think that its important for legibility to use the proper grammar when designing my own ephemera. The images again are clear and interesting to look at. This is a very user friendly site, with lots of eye catching articles.


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