Guernica Adaptation

We were asked in our manifesto groups to produce a piece of work by adapting the Guernica painting by Picasso to represent our declaration of intentions within our Sustainability manifesto.

As a group we were able to come up with our concept by drawing a quick sketch of how we wanted the painting to turn out.


From this we gave each other different parts to complete and then bring it altogether at the end before it being presented to our peers and lecturers. Below is a progress photo, after painting part of the background and placing the different aspects on top. Looked really good and was coming together nicely.


This is our final piece displayed in the studio……img_2117

We wanted to highlight the destruction of the environment caused by over consumerism and the fat cats of consumerism. I think that we managed to show this well with our overall composition of the piece, aswell as taking inspiration from Picasso’s Guernica. The feed back that we received was positive, what I took from it was that maybe more emphasis was on the kind of rubbish that we are throwing out, making the viewer more aware to the types of things that they are throwing way willy nilly.

The photos above are the final pieces from others groups on the course. All of them I think are well thought-out and show the diversity that has come from being inspired from the original Guernica painting. I enjoyed this project, it was nice working with my hands to produce a piece along with working collaboratively with others, each of us contributing our individual skills.


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