Pat Murphy Presentation

This presentation was a collaborative body of work which was inspired by one volunteers journey to fight against the fascists in the Spanish Civil war 1936.

Part of my task within the group was to source the suitcase for all the pieces of work to be displayed in. This one above was bought from an antique market place, called the Pumping Station situated just outside Cardiff. This was one of the cheaper ones, though it looked the best for what we were going for. I liked the compartments within it, as I would be useful for displaying our pieces clearly.


This was our final piece displayed in the studio. Below are all the pieces that made up the final body of work.

Within are two letters, one of which is letter from his wife while he was serving in WW1, the other a letter that was drafted to send to his wife when he left to fight. A packet of cigarettes from Howells in Cardiff (his home town), a box of matches with International Brigade advertisement on. Two recruitment posters in welsh “Save Spain against Fascism”. A handmade dairy with his first entry in about his journey to Spain. A Western Mail article depicting the horrors of the civilians being killed by the hands of the fascist. Also a magazine called the National Union of Seamen, which he was very fond of. The burn out cigarette pack was thought to be a souvenir from WW1, where he was shot and very lucky to escape with his life.

To go with the case we decided that a synopsis of Pat Murphy was needed to help the viewer understand more effectively. I wrote up and designed the synopsis. It was decided to give it a modern look which gave a nice contrast to the other pieces of work.


Everyone within our group worked really well together we had great communication which made the process run smoothly. The final piece came together better than hoped with interesting research being put into each individuals work, all playing an important role into the final message that we wanted to put across to the audience. The inspiration for Pat Murphy as to why he decided to go and fight in Spain was wholly because of the media and propaganda which had a massive influence where the Spanish Civil war was concerned, with recruitment posters, newspaper / magazine articles, and advertising. His passion to fight against something that he truly believed in and willing to give his life to cause that was so far from home is inspiring.

From researching and creating pieces for this brief, it has given me an insight into what it would have taken to go and fight. If it wasn’t for brave individuals like Pat Murphy Spain might have been over thrown by Fascism and the outcome of WW2 may have been very different. Just shows you that fighting for what you believe could be a change in the world for the better.


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