Design as Activism

For this collaborative project we were asked to develop a campaign that raises awareness of certain issues whether it be political, social, cultural. The campaign has to incorporate a 45 – 60 second animation, one printed and one digital piece of ephemera with a consistent visual language throughout to tie all the pieces together.

Within our group of 3 we decided that we would like to explore the idea of a campaign for the environment. The aim to make our chosen target audience more aware of their contribution to the environmental crisis. Because of the vast amount of different campaigns we could pursue about the environment, we decided that we should concentrate on one particular area – Deforestation.

Deforestation is one of the biggest contributing factors to global climate change. This is a massive issue in our world today, and agree with it or not, it effects every single living thing on the planet.  We started off with some initial research on the internet. IMG_2477

We also watched a video on a chap who calls himself Prince EA. He is an american spoken word artist, poet, rapper and filmmaker. His videos are hard hitting with some really valid points made, that really makes you think.

His passion and deliverance is unquestionable which what make it impact on myself personally. The text that appears in the video of key points made, are something that I would like to recreate in our own animation.

Here are a few website for organisations that are currently working and campaigning to save the rainforests of our world.

Its devastating to think that if don’t radically reinvent the way that we work in order to operate within very real ecological limited we will be the demise of our selves and our home.

Im really looking forward to getting stuck into this project, as its a subject really that I am passionate about. A little apprehensive about working with Aftereffects as its something that I haven’t used before, however its going to be a positive learning curve, Im sure.


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