Afterlife – India Clausen

This weeks afterlife was a former student of our lecturer from Bournemouth University. India having only graduated a couple of years ago, gave us a lovely insight to her studio life at Uni and then her first job.

When talking about her life at university she compared the studio to the working in the industry, and how we are gaining great experience ready for the creative world. From working in the studio we are working on;

  • Our team building skills, being able to bounce ideas off our peers
  • Getting used to taking other peoples opinions whether they be positive and negative. Don’t take them personally.
  • getting work done within a noisy environment.

“Industry is highly competitive, use the studio, support each other.” “To make the most of our lecturers and take advantage of the resources available to us.” One of the main points that she made was to learn off each other, along with having a competitive mindset, to aspire to do the best we can.

India went on to talk about her first job interview, for which she got at Weclick Media. She gave us points to prepare for before an interview;

  • Research the company
  • Customise your portfolio to suit the company
  • Sell yourself.

Once you get your foot in the door, India went on to say that its ok to not know everything, we are all still learning and are not expected to know it all. She told us to have confidence in our own ability, it enables us to produce work that we feel happy with. Its also ok to make mistakes, as its all part of the learning process. Make sure that you laugh about.

One point stood out to myself was to be able to justify our own work, not to have something there just because it looks nice, but to actually have reasoning behind our own process.


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