Story Boarding Workshop

Over the coming weeks we will be producing a short animation. To help us with the process of coming up with concept and shot ideas I took part in a Storyboarding workshop. This was to give us a better understanding of the construction of video shorts to inform our own work better

In groups we were given the advert below to deconstruct.

From watching this we started off by sketch out each different shot change, considering movement, pace, contents, focus and perspective, aswell as looking at the camera angles.


Above is the storyboard that we sketched up from watching the Playstation advert. Each slide includes a brief description of what is happening, the shots that were used (in orange) and the music / voice over (in green).

By deconstructing the advert in this way we were able get a better insight into how we need to go about producing our own short animation, and storyboarding is an integral part of the process for visualising our ideas. Its much like a comic book, so that readers get a sense of what is happening making it logical and coherent.

From here we will need to look at relevant details to proceed, such as;

  • Thinking about background
  • If there is going to be a character or main visual
  • Does text appear on the screen
  • How the visuals react to the voice over or music
  • Overall message that we want to get across
  • camera angles and movement

These points will enable us to execute our own vision for our Environmental animation.


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