Inconvenient Truth – Al Gore



As part of our research for our design as activism project we watched Al Gores Inconvenient truth. Even though it was was boardcast in 2006 it still has a some very valid concerns about environmental issues today. The film documents Al Gores aim to alerting to the public to the ‘planetary emergency’ due to Global warming, of which deforestation is one of the contributing factors to this issue. Throughout the documentary Al Gore reiterates how wonderful and amazing our planet is, yet we are slowly destroying its delicate eco system, he backs this up by showing scientific results and predictions, shown on graphs and very well made slide show. He makes arguments against all the scepticism surrounding global warming, making it very difficult to disbelieve the predictions in the documentary. A very powerful case is put across that something can and should be done to protect our planet, and its worth hearing!

“Future generations may well have occasion to ask themselves, what were our parents thinking? Why didn’t they wake up when they had the chance?” – Al Gore 

Since its release it has sparked a global interest in everyone taking responsibly for their actions in the world, there are tips that he provides on how we can make a difference to the future of our planet and points you to take a look at

Overall a really insightful documentary. Has made things all the more realistic for myself, encouraging to know that there are some many people that have an ambition to make a change in the status quo of our human existence, and to stop exploiting our natural resourced for money and greed. Im looking forward to producing my own piece of work that conveys a similar message to stop and think.

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