Animation Process

Starting this part of the project was a little bit daunting. We each took 7 frames from our final storyboard, which equated to about 15 seconds each. I took the first 7. I was a complete novice with After Effects, however I overcame my nervousness and started. At first glance it felt completely alien, however I soon got into the swing of things,  youtube videos really helped, as well as our lecturers. Even though it is a slow process, its is really satisfying to see our vision in the storyboard come to life.

For the voiceover We decided that the voice of a child would help bring empathy to the animation, it leaves an impression for myself when listening to a child use adult language. It also brings a bit of humour to the end of the animation when the voiceover shouts “Whats your Legacy?” Makes myself smile and think about what is it that I want to leave behind for future generations. However the recording of it wasn’t as simple as I thought,  took more takes than I would have liked, but was an enjoyable experience overall.  I don’t think that it is perfect still, but it gets the message that was wanted by the group across. It was rather difficult to place the voiceover with the animation, I had to stretch some of the animation to fit with everything that we wanted to say. Which probably left room for more animation within. When making an another animation I think that recording the voiceover before the production would be more productive.

Working as a group came with a few hiccups as placing all our individual animations in together, as we worked on separate parts it was hard to have consistency throughout, I think that this shows in the final outcome. But all worked hard to get it done and I really like our animation, it has an appealability to it, even though it has a somewhat amateur feel it to, its not going to win any animation prizes. I suppose its like learning to draw, my skills can only get better with time.

I could have worked on this a lot further than our given submission date and if I had to tweak it I would have liked to get a more poignant message across, I feel that the narrative isn’t as strong as I originally envisioned. As we decided to aim this at graphic designers I think that it could have been more polished, the animation of the text needed to have more of a dominance in the animation, with more of a visual design. However the whole process of producing this animation has given me an insight into what needs to be thought about and how time consuming the actual animating part is. Research and planning is key and to have a really well thought out storyboard makes the process less difficult to tackle. However I enjoyed working as a group, it was good to bounce ideas off other people and get the support and feed back needed.

After working with After Effects I have noticed more and more programmes on the television that probably use After Effects or something similar to create parts of their production. Its something that I have never thought about before, and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be created with After Effects. Im looking forward to learning more and improving my skills with this programme, it could be a really useful tool for future projects.

This is our final animation


I animated the opening credits – On reflection it could have been a lot better. It was the first thing that I animated and by the end of the process I could have done a lot more with it, made it clearer and more visually pleasing, also the possibility of playing with different sound effects such as the sound of trees being cut down.

Overall I really enjoyed this project, it was a challenge to learn something from scratch. The six weeks that we had flew by, was a really enjoyable experience. Especially enjoyed working with Joe and Maris, think that we worked well as a team.

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