Editorial design – Changing Faces

Our brief for this term is editorial design. As a profession, editorial design is one of the largest employers of graphic designers. From book design, newspaper publication, magazine design more recently online publications. The success of the publications depends on clear communication and consist story telling, with the use of grid layouts, typography and visual hierarchies in order to keep the readers entertained while they read the content. Varying page layouts with photograph presentation next to bold typographic treatments are ways that these can be achieved. Im really looking forward to getting stuck into this assignment, it will be a chance to get creative with typography and images, as well as utilising the skills that I have learnt and developed over the past year.

From looking at existing editorial designs, I am able to get an idea of all the different layouts and visual properties such as images used, font, composition and path for the eye. The six page spreads below show the ones that stood out to myself while researching different online magazines.


Typography magazine layout by G Martin Graphics – The contrast and the colour scheme in this spread, along with the use of different font in the college on the left hand side which makes this piece stand out to myself. With the yellow linking the two pages together, giving it a good pace and path for the viewer to follow. lados

Lados Magazine –  Within this piece you can see that the use of left justify text, which in most cases would look a bit odd, but it seems to work well. The high contract black and white photograph with colour overlay has a clean and modern feel to it. It all flows well, with a clear path for the eye and hierarchy.

The design of this book was created by Broothaers Elke for a school assignment.  I was drawn into the presentation of this, with the clever rip off design to open up the magazine up, giving it an interactive ascept to the viewers experience. From look at the whole piece on the link below, you can see that Broothaers has kept the layout simple with a strong heirachy and path for the eye on each page. Each of the images are interesting to look at and all link with the calm colour pallet used throughout.  Even though this is a book, it has a feel of a magazine with the layout and pictures working together to bring the piece all together.


modern design

This double page spread taken from Modern Design Magazine issue 13, which covers Art and Architecture. Designed by Rolando Bouza who has used a grid system throughout the magazine possibly a 12 grid column system giving the pages a variety of ways to display the text. The font is very modern and goes well with the layout and imagery created on the left side of the spread. For myself the path for the eye is taken in by the use of lime green in the collage and the colour in the images which links the two pages together helping to guide you though the article. I like the use of the horizontal line to help with the heirachy of the quote taken out of the text.

Link to the full magazine: https://www.behance.net/gallery/110328/Modern-Design-Magazine-13

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This layout is a typographic interpretation of obama’s inauguration speech, made for dutch magazine Creatie the only rule was that there were to be no images. The creator has then analysed the intonation of Obama speech and then has broken it down in terms of recurring words with more prominence. I really like the fact the there are no images in this piece, the words have created a visual interest for the viewer. The clever use of different weighs in the text has made the piece come alive. It can be looked over and you get a sense of what is being said without reading the whole piece. https://www.behance.net/gallery/209583/obamas-speech-a-typographic-interpretation 

There are so many magazine layout that I looked at, this part of the research has been a great help to emphasis how many different ways there are to get creative with my own piece of editorial. I really need to have a good eye for detail in this project, as well as creating something that is going to be appealing for the viewer to read.









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