Typographic Detailing and Layout

Our workshop today was to typographic detailing and layout. We were given the text from the first page of Great Expectations to recreate our own layout for the page. We looked at the fundamentals page layouts and type detailing first to help to design our own piece. Things that need to be considered when thinking about layout: The grid system, page margins, columns, hierarchy, pace and path for the eye. The type detailing would that would need to be looked at; headlines\headings, subheading, stand first, callout, crossheads, font, Em & En’s, indentations, ligatures, fonts and font size. 

Here are the two that we did in class. After a our lecturer crit I made better the spacing of the text  boxes and upped a point size on the font to give a more clear layout, which can be seen in the second layout.


The image below is one that I worked on at home.  I wanted to get a clearer hierarchy, which I achieved with making Great Expectations larger and used a grey colour to link it with Charles Dickens. Here is a link to a book which full of different layout designs of the same text by different designers. http://www.graphicdesignand.com/shop/page-1-great-expectations . Its amazing the amount of different variations and interpretations which have been created from the same text.


Great Expectation3

The workshop has been a good start to getting the creative juices flowing for my our editorial project. It will be a chance for me to utilise and showcase all the skills that I have gained so far.



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