Invoke Emotion through Typography

I felt that by researching into a bit of the science behind Typography it would inform the design of my editorial project. Typography plays an essential part in graphic design and communication, used to convey information to an audience, so it is key to have characteristics such as high legibility and readability, scale and appropriateness. However typography can play a larger role in design by invoking and triggering emotions.

Emotions are well known in the role of product design and advertising as they influence the way that we interact with the world from making decisions, evaluate risks and categorise information. Emotional design triggers emotional responses from the audience, provoking them to perceive a personally, making them emotionally involved, which can then create a feeling towards the design. By using emotion in design it helps information to become memorable thus creating an experience and link with the design itself.

Consider Typography fundaments 

To keep the reader motivated throughout your design is to keep in mind  the following; that different typefaces communicates a different personality and feeling. Picking a typeface is highly important as to what message you want to convey. For my own piece of editorial the use of classic serif or san serif fonts should be used with no more than two fonts types to create seriousness and credibility.

Readability and legibility will need to be focused on closely. Looking at the Kerning and tracking especially for the heading and larger text.

Having high contrast text can stop the reader from feeling any discomfort when reading as low contrast text can cause eye strain – doesn’t make for good reading.

A clear understanding of hierarchy in the design enables the reader to have a more effective and meaningful path for the eye throughout the piece. Headings need to be organised well and separate information in manageable chunks incorporating white space so that the different elements can be easily identified.

Invoking emotions can be achieved in different ways after considering the points above. Make the piece eye catching, draw attention with the typography, readers tend to scan pages and I do it myself, I want my piece to stand out from the rest. I need to chose my main typeface carefully to give the editorial a personality of some seriousness but also credibility for the writer. It needs to fit in with the context of the text about the “Girl in the Dark” as well as being creative and unique, so that the reader engages with the piece. Keep in mind that by giving typography the right consideration I will be able to communicate in a way that will appeal to the audience.

FullSizeRender 2IMG_3461


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