Portrait Of A Nation – Editorial Workshop

I gained a lot from todays workshop, . We were asked to create a 3 double page spread on a topic chosen at random working in groups of three, our topic was Portrait Of A Nation. We could use any article, text and image from the internet to create our piece. From a bit of research we came across a exhibition called “Picture Of Britain” http://jcdecaux.co.uk/portrait-britain. We took parts of the text, and found the full images of the picture featured in the exhibition.

After splitting the text into three we worked on a double page spread each, conferring with each other as we went along. These are the spread that we created below. We decided that the typeface should be Helvetic as it give a modern feel to the whole piece with clear readability.

The pace throughout is good, with a nice use of white space and hierarchy of the pulled out quotes in the piece to help guide the reader.

portrait of a nation2.2

This spread I did again as I wasn’t happy with the initial design of the layout in the first page. I felt that it needed to have something different to the other 2 double page spreads, to give it some variation but keeping in the visual theme of the layout (split images).

All our work displayed in the studio ready for group presentation. I found the group crit really helpful,  getting feedback on the work we had produced was productive and gave me plenty to think about when it come to designing my individual editorial piece. Comments that came from the crit were the general layout was too similar throughout the spreads, needs mixing up, but keep the consistency. The title pages (first spread) the typography was playful creating a good path for the eye, with clear hierarchy.

This was only a half day workshop, it beneficial to experience a quick turn around on creating a layouts. Just shows what can be achieved in a small space of time.


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