Explore – Field – Disobedient Objects


The field part of our studies was something that I was looking forward to finding more out about. I was interested at first with the techniques and skills that I could learn whilst on the module, one of which was programmable electronics and open source coding. Something that I had not done before. Our sessions were also taking place in the FabLab where we have access to the laser cutters and 3D printers, which I was a little excited about, have been fascinated with 3D printer for a while and not had the opportunity to use one.

The outcome by the end of the module I am hoping that I will have designed, developed and made a disobedient object. An object that addresses the brief, which has to identify a situation that needs balancing. During our first session we were given examples of disobedient objects that already exist today.

This DIY tear gas mask, is made of old water bottles, you can download the instructions of how to make your own online. I like the fact that the object has been upcycled. Might be something that I would be able to do myself when working on my own disobedient object. I will be able to also use my graphics skills to be come up with a manual for the object itself and the possibility of a short animation or advert for the product itself. Looking forward to getting stuck into this project and sees what I am able to produce by the end of the module.


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