Visual Story telling

Visual story telling with data is all about creating a visual narrative for the audience to interact with. Within this session of the module we looked at the likes of David Mccandless who through the use of digital drawing has created a piece of data information that shows the difference between right and left political parties in the US government. Cleverly you can see the difference between each party with the use of red and blue and a system that flows between the two. Such a lot of information, yet beautiful and easy to read over. 1276_left_right_usa

Half day workshop


To get us started with this we took part in a 1/2 day workshop working in groups, to create a piece that told a story from a text that we were given. The piece of text was all about Trump and his policies written before he was elected as president.



We broke down and highlighted pieces of the test that we felt where important information to convey to the audience. The main points that we wanted to visualise, was the “Trump wall” which was proposed to be built to stop immigrants from coming into the USA from Mexico. There was also reference to a total ban on anyone from Muslim religion to be able to enter that US.

From this point we discussed and started to sketch what was highlighted, trying to think of metaphors; for instances how to depicted Trump within the narrative so that the audience would still recognise that it was Donald Trump. We decided to show him as an Orangutan, with reference to how orange his skin is.


As we sketched out our initial ideas it was starting to look like a satire, that could sit along side the text maybe, however on its own you could also get what was going on. We were thinking about symbols of America such as the Statue of Liberty and how it represents a welcoming point visitors and especially immigrants that ventured to the USA to start a new beginning. Thinking that this was somewhat ironic as to how Trump wants to keep everyone out, we thought that it could be the main visual in our piece, with a stop sign in her hand stopping the planes from entering the USA.


This was our final outcome, as a group we were pleased with how it looked overall, telling the story of Trump and his election policies. It has an comical feel to it.


This way of visually communicating I found really appealing as there is no need to have any words, you can digest the information with just reading the images. Even though this was a quick fired workshop it inspiring as it showed how much could be achieved in a short space of time and how an idea can be developed and initiated quickly. What we created could be the first draft, where it could be transformed digitally, maybe even making into an animation.

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