Beautiful Systems Project

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I found this part of the module working within a group of 4 particularly challenging, not because of the task that we had to undertake but working  collaboratively with other disciplines from the design school. Not only did we have issues with trying to decide how we were going to display the data but lack of communication within the team. I was not pleased with our final outcome, believe that we could have pushed ourselves further, give our selves chance to do something a little different.

From the brief above we decided to monitor data on social media sites over an hours period. By taking screen shots of the site every 10 minutes, we were able to collate the data.

We each took one social media site stats to break down and collate. There was Facebook users, Instagram photo uploads, Twitter Tweets and Pinterest posts. I was given Pinterest. From the data I started to workout the differences between each of the figures that were taken to try and workout percentages for each. However the percentage between each figure was only 0.01% and wasn’t enough to show any visually between them.


I decided to break it down into hours, minutes and seconds. which is shown at the bottom of the image above.


Next was to decide how we were going to display the data visually. I had sketched up an idea to display the data in a college with us each doing the separate parts to make up one big display, but after MUCH debate we decided on using infographs for each other social media sites. The difficultly that we had was that we were a group of mixed abilities, and some of the group were not able to create anything digitally, it was decided that two of us would create our infographs on the computer and other half would make them by hand as long as we stuck to the system that we decided upon they would all tie in together.


This photo above shows the layout that we decided upon, also the size would be 21 x 59.4cm. Then by using group chat we would keep each other updated on our progress before we had to hand in a few days later.

This is the progress of Callum. We both decided to use the typeface din condensed. The typeface Din a san serif font, mostly used in advertising and magazines. It clear has a easy readability it seemed like a good choice for our piece.

I created my part on illustrator. I recreated the Pinterest logo and designed different elements of the poster such as pins and an outline of a person. Originally I took an image of the word Pinterest from the internet, but decided that it was cheating a little. So it got changed to just being in the typeface Din condensed.



This is my final piece below


Our group presentation as a little awkward, as we had one person in the group that had gone off on their own tangent and made a 3D model. The model was impressive and worked really well at displaying the data, but it was frustrating as what she was doing was communicated to the rest of the group.



I was disappointed with the final outcome of this project partly due to the lack of communication within the group. It was the first time that I had experienced this from working collaboratively at university. It was hard to get any inspiration for making this a project more exciting visually.


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