Creative Industries initial ideas


Rather than making a poster or leaflet I wanted to create something that was interactive the audience. With maybe the possibility of using an ardunio or touch board using open coding, something which I had a little experience with in my last field project.

It started to sketch out ideas from the layout. From googling creativity the images that brought up where mostly of light bulbs to represent the creative industry. My initial thought was to create an installation using large light bulbs to represent the different employment sectors within the creative industry. With each one lighting up as you flick a switch and different information regarding that sectors displayed underneath the light bulb.

IMG_8205 However after discussing my idea with one of the technicians it was not a viable idea, due to it having to be PAT tested and use of a large amount of electronic. So I was pointed into the direction of using conductive paint and a touch board to make different elements light up or make sound when touched.

In a group workshop we were asked to develop our ideas and sketch out different layouts, and then discuss within the group. These are the sketches that I produced below. From our group discussion it was thought at the second one was a clearer representation of the creative industries.

I needed to more away from the cliche of the light bulb to represent the creative industries. I really like elements of the initial sketches, especially the line drawings at the bottom of the my second sketch.

IMG_8198 copy

I decided to develop this further, with ideas of maybe painting out my final piece. Below are more layout sketches.


My ideas was that when you touch certain parts of the piece it light up and tell you information about the creative industry. For instance when you touched any part around the Gerkin (representing London) it would tell you that 33% of the creative industry jobs are based in and around London. It would be made with conductive ink and linked up with a touch board, so what when touched it would connect to the sound board when an MP3 sound file would play. At the same time a key would light up and show what the context is sounding the sound file.

The kind of style to the drawing reminded me of the place mat that was in a restaurant in Barcelona. I like that fact that everything linked up with a line around it, something that I though would work well with my piece to connect all the elements which make up the creative industry.


Now that I had a fairly good idea of what the piece was going to look like. I needed to delve into how to programme the touch board and make it all connect up with lights as well.

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