Research and working with information

Six Frames

When looking into research and different information we are encouraged think laterally about what we are taking in and how relevant it is to our brief, and how we direct our attention in a conscience manner.

We looked at breaking up the information that we gather into to categories to enable us to achieve clarity in our research to produce a piece of work that is clear and comprehensive. From Wendy’s workshop we delved into ways of research that took into account “six frames” taken off the back of Edward De Bono a brain training pioneer and author of the six thinking hats. A method that helps you to think laterally and outside of the box to achieve more effective results from our research.


Within this workshop instead of using that different hats, we discussed the use of symbols each with a different step to take when research our particular subject area.

  • Purpose – to think about the information that we are investigating. To think about What, Why and Where the information has come from.
  • Accuracy – Is it correct? How truthful is the information?
  • Point of view – Where has the source of the information come from? Balance out the point of view.
  • Interest – Is it broad or specific. How does it answer the need of the brief. Is there an  element of surprise that could be used within our design.
  • Value – Comprehensiveness. What is the value of the information. What has it given me? Does it help me to understand my purpose better, or has it created doubt.
  • Outcome – What are the next steps that can be taken from this research. Is it still relevant or clear?

I found this way of break down my research really helpfully. Better than the six hat way of tackling information that I have researched in the past. I wish that we had been shown this earlier on it the course, as it is a more concise way for myself of helping to myself to research and then carry forward what is relevant in the information that I have researched in the past. This is something that I will be carrying forward when all my briefs that I have in the future.


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