Client Presentation


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My presentation:

Hi my name is Dee. My campaign for your medicine your health is called ASK. The aim of the campaign is to open up conversation between the patient and the pharmacist. From part of my research in to human behaviours people responded better from a one to one conversation and were more receptive and to follow through with tasks. I understand that pharmacists have busy days, however a one minute conversation with the patient could make all the difference.

There is two parts to this campaign, one aimed at the general public which includes posters and ads placed such as doctors surgeries and places out and about in the general public as first part of raising awareness

The next part of the campaign is aimed at the pharmacist which would include a pack for them with posters and information leaflets, and merchandise. Having the mug and pin badge are reminders to patient to ask questions and that the pharmacist is open to having a conversation, even maybe utilising the consultation rooms that are available.

I have created a small animation which could sit on the YMYH website and in the doctors surgeries to accompany the campaign leaflets and posters

Presenting our final ideas to the client was a little nerve recking. As a group we decided to present first out of all the presentations and Im glad that we did. We presented really well and because all of our ideas were varied we gave a dynamic performance. Personally I felt that I had skipped through my presentation fast and when I got to the end I found that I have missed out quite a lot of what I wanted to say regarding my campaign. Luckily we were able to chat to the clients afterwards, so was able to make up for the parts that I missed. However I was still a little disappointed that I was so nervous that I wasn’t able to delivery my practised presentation. I guess that I can only get better with time though.

As a class I was really impressed with the quality of work that was produced overall, made me feel a little inadequate with the work that I had produced myself, especially some of the animations that were created, made mine look medico! Plenty of room for improvement there. I have found it hard to come up with concepts that innovative and different in this project. However, the feed back from our client was positive and that they were impressed with the outcomes of our campaigns. At the time there was no critic as such on anything that we could refine on over the next, but it will be interesting to get feed back from our lectures on what they have said. Personally I need to work on the leaflets and information and text that needs to be put into the Pharmacist packs. My animation also needs tweaking and timing to the heart beat needs to be more precise to create a more polished piece.



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