On Display final thoughts

I’d like to say that I breezed through this project , but it was far from it. My biggest struggle was coming up with an innovative design for the exhibition. I eventually came to the final logo after a lot of deliberation and under-confidence in my own designs. The prospect of this project I was really excited about, but in reality I had creative block, and lack for foresight of how the end result would eventually turn out. I got lost in research, a lot of it I have not documented as I got lost down rabbit holes of information that wasn’t really relevant to the project itself. However I completed the task, but not to the best of my ability (probably shouldn’t say that but I feel that it shows in my final work). A lot of the work completed needs tweaking and playing with a lot more to get a more polished result that I would be pleased with. Even so I’m happy with my logo and glad that I changed to it half way through the project as I think that it is a lot more contemporary than my previous design.

I would have liked to created a mock website and have a lot more information about the gallery experience, with a more of an interactive aspect to it than just the Blippar app. I have to say that this project has opened my eyes to the way that consumerism has taken over and has become the normal in everyday society. It may sound a bit ambitious but I would love to make a difference to how the world operates, we created consumerism, surely we can recreate it for the better.



Posters for the Myopia Exhibition

For the exhibition I decided to create, posters and a small booklet, leaflet and invites for the opening of the exhibition.

For the posters I decided to use some quotes that I found concerning consumerism. Which would tie-in nicely with the quotes that would be running through the exhibition itself.

Poster 1


This was taken from google images, I could not find its origins as it being used so many different websites.

For this poster and using the caption above I started to arrange the words on the poster so that the two meanings in the slogan (consumerism is killing us all & consumerism is in us all), also trying out different backgrounds, such as a £50 note and the possibility of incorporating the existing logos.

I found that trying the highlight both the meanings in the slogan wasn’t working in the first designs that I created. I ended up using the colours from my logo to tie everything in together. From using these colours I was able to pull out different hierarchy and path for the eye by playing with the colours. My final poster number 1 below.  I put a filter on the word Consumer to make it a little fuzzy. I wanted to try and bring it in line with the glitch effect used in the animated logo.



Poster 2

This next poster was a longer quote regarding consumerism, taken from a Prince EA video. I placed the text in different sizes and colours to make it visually more interesting to look at. Using again the same colours as my logo I changed the background to black. Then reducing its size I placed onto the poster with the rest of the information and other logos.



Poster 3

For my final poster I decided to use the image that I created early on in the project. I felt that it links back to the animated logo and with colour change tie it in with the other posters. I felt that the purply blue for the word consumer didn’t stand out enough. From changing it to the red colour I felt that it stood out a lot more, as well at the connotations behind the colour red I felt that sat well.





Overall I feel that the posters work well together even though they are each  very different. I would have liked to played around more to refine them more, however i have not left myself enough time to do so. My favourite out of the three is the first poster that I did, its got a playfulness to it the the text with the double meaning. I think that they would make people be intrigued as to what it is all about.

I have placed the Blippar icon on the posters as well with the view of making them interactive to the view have a better understanding of what the exhibition would be about.

Myopia Logo design

After deciding to go back to my original title for this exhibition I started to play around and make some initial logos. I used the typeface Helvetica, my thinking behind this was it was the most widely used within the advertising industry because of its clear readability. I was trying to focus initially on the meaning of the word Myopia and having it blurred in places and having the focus on a eye or circle shape which would not be blurred. Below are logos that I designed




The design that stood out to myself the most was the logo above. I think that the logo is clear and will be good to play around with in AfterEffects to create the animated logo.



Myopia Exhibition Narrative

Myopia – See the future before you an advertisers nightmare 

We like to think of ourselves as civilised thinkers, however we are still driven by the impulse for survival, domination and expansion, so we use up all the oil, use up all the coal and will keep going till we fill the Petri dish and pollute ourselves out of existence, this maybe slightly morbid but there is another factor that is making things even worse and its the invention of human culture, its a culture in which people are encouraged to accumulate and show off material wealth, to the point where it defines their status in society and their self-image.

Having being brought up in western society consumerism has been bred into us from birth. Advertising dictates to us how we should be living our lives to have happy fore-filling existence. Material possessions have become a symbol of wealth and stature working ourselves into the ground to buy the latest gadget, get in the trendiest restaurants, to make sure that your not walking around in last seasons clothes. Does all this really define us as human beings, are we co-existing respectfully with other living beings. Look for yourself – ask yourself if this is what being human is?

I want to try and create an narrative to entice the viewers to an exhibition which shows the implications of consumerism and the layers of design which make us want to consume. Design of advertising is implicated in forming the ground to an unsustainable world. Yet the consumer spree carries on regardless, and few of us are aware that we’re still willing slaves to a completely artificial injunction to consume. The result is a world in which rampant consumption in rich countries is rapidly outstripping the resources in the world needed to ratify demand. Which inevitably will result in World Elimination by Design.


Consumerism Research

* Consumerism is a pattern of behaviour that basically refers to social and economic systems where our creations and the desire to purchase goods and services at a higher and faster rate which then creates what causes and affected our todays way of consumption; damaging such as our environment, economy, society and human institution – definition taken from online dictionary

Advertising is a massive contributor to consumerism – its everywhere and we as an audience take it for granted. All those sublimable messages that we subconsciously in throughout our everyday lives. A majority is there purely for profit making to make us buy and consume as much as possible, adding to the ever growing capitalist bubble which is contributing the destruction everything on this planet that we inhabit.

https://www.sciencealert.com/consumers-have-a-bigger-impact-on-the-environment-than-anything-else-study-finds This site that I came across was an interesting read regarding the impact that consumerism has on the environment. Another site that I thought I could incorporate into the exhibition was The Story of Stuff,  it gives a great insight into world of consumerism have how and why ends up with goods to buy on the shelves. http://storyofstuff.org.

I felt that I needed to do some research into consumerism to help inform my design of the gallery layout, perhaps having two separate areas within the gallery one on the destruction of consumerism and another on what we can do to help make a different to the way that we consume.

Some really interesting information came out of my research into Consumerism and has made me think about the things / stuff that I accumulate. My having a “do it really need this” attitude when it comes to buying stuff on a whim. Aswell as thinking about myself, it gets me thinking about why this conveyor belt of consumer goods keeps coming, we know that it is having a huge impact on our wellbeing and the planets resources, yet it is still happening, do we choose to be shortsighted or are we just unaware of the true impact.