Go Fund Me – Typography Workshop

I recently set up a campaign with Go Fund Me website to raise funds for an intensive typography workshop taking place in Rome this summer for two weeks. I got offered a place after an FaceTime interview and review of some of my designs with Lita Talarico who is the Co-Chair at SVA institute in New York. I was offered the placement for the workshop the next day, which is a wonderful opportunity to develop my skills and understanding to the key elements of graphic design -Typography. This experience would inform my practise for the next two years of my university studies and develop further into my careers as a Graphic communicator. Enabling myself to design more effective and memorable pieces.

I was very excited, however discovering that the cost of the workshop was a staggering $6,300.00 (£4841.15) I was a little deflated. Granted the costs included accommodation, breakfast, travel costs, and a wealth of knowledge from the tutors, let alone it all being conducted in the home of Typography. Where better to study, this was a once in a life time opportunity!!!!

But where was I going to get the funds…..

My mum directed me to a website gofundme.com. At first I was hesitant, Im not one to ask for help, especially when it comes to money, Im like being self reliant and dependant. Also the fact that my campaign isn’t about funding for saving someones life or to help build an orphanage in Africa, I felt somewhat selfish. How could I justify this to myself and others…….

Graphic design isn’t just about the placement of text and images together. As designers have a moral responsibility, its not about advertising and consumerism. I want to focus my design creativity upon what people and what the wider-world really need? This way of design is the future. Informing the audience of what the important messages are, influence them for the greater good, not to sell them another thing that they don’t need, which will inevitably end up in a land fill somewhere, adding to the ecological crisis that we as humans have created.

Consumerism is itself a manufactured product, to persuade us to behave according to that idea’s requirements for its own existence – we’ve evolved as human into thinking that this is the status quo – this product to going to make me happy, its a false happiness, we’ve be sold to by the big corporations and fat cats of capitalism. Its madness, no wonder people are depressed or don’t feel for filled in their lives. They are trying to live up to a false dream, one thats not actually achievable. I feel that as a Graphic Communicator I can make a difference to this status quo, empowering people through design and creating a happier existence. Consumerism is no longer a viable way to live, you can feel the shift and unsettledness across the globe, with the likes of President Trump in power in America and politicians such as Nigel Farage coming to the forefront of Politics. The public are wanting to challenge the status quo. I want to be part of the movement, help to direct and enlighten people, via graphics.

At the risk of sounding naive I truly believed that I can make a difference to this world, but Im an optimist, theres a lot of good and wonderful things around us. I want to be, encourage, embrace the difference for the greater good of all. By participating in this workshop is another step closer to achieving my dream

If you don’t ask you don’t get!



Image Week 1 – Part 2 Image / Frame

This part of our image section was all about pattern. With the use of our own photos, we were asked to design a frame for a photographic portrait. The frame needed to be constructed from an object relating to the person in the portrait. Below is the example that Ray our lecturer designed. You can see the steps taken to create the final design.  From picture to selected section then repeating the section in different angles to create the  final frame. raysimage

I used a picture of my daughter Elsie for the photographic portrait. To create the frame I borrowed Elsie’s beloved toy dog Jasper. He was taken to the photographic studio were I was able to get some great shots of him in adequate light.

The images were then transferred to photoshop were I cropped a section of Jaspers face. This was then copied and turned horizontally or vertical and repeated  4 times to create a the first tile of the pattern. To help with this process, the use of grid was beneficial as it almost magnetises the tile into place, allowing the process to be more accurate and speedy.  As you can see below, the end result after copying and pasting over the whole canvas size, has created an effective pattern.

The next stage was to crop the photo ofimg_0674 Elsie to place on the pattern. The use of the magic wand in photoshop enabled me to select the parts of the photo that I needed. This cropped image was then copied and pasted onto the pattern to create a new layer on top.

Even with the use of the grids I still had a few tiles that haven’t lined up. More vigilance needs to be taken for next time. However I feel that the outcome of the final design is interesting to look at. Really enjoyed creating this piece. Something that I will continue doing, as I got lots of satisfaction from this process, which is fairly simple to do, but creates some really interesting results, which are pleasing to look at.


Here are a couple more that I created using the same process.