Initial Ideas – Design as Activism

As Im all for the environment my initial ideas was to focus on the effects that we are having on our home (the world). Sustainability is one of the issues that I feel is important to be aware of as a graphic designer. After reading Green Graphic Design – Brian Dougherty it has given me a better understanding of how I personally can make a difference. The book breaks down the concept of green design step by step, reframing the way that designers can think about the work that they create. If all designers thought this way when producing their work it could be a huge step forward for positive change, and giving us a more sustainable solutions for a better future.

My thoughts were to make green design mainstream – graphic designers have a major role to play in aiding the development of a green market place, the knock-on effects give the corporations an understanding that they too have a responsibility.

To go about this I thought of the possibility of making graphic designers into super heroes to save the world. Below are some initial drawings for a logo. I imagine a super hero with a cape flying around the world.


All of us can embrace a green more responsible model for graphic design, we have the ability to shift the status quo, then making it the norm for future designers.

Unfortunately my ideas were a no go for our group. Perhaps something for a personal project that I could develop further in the future. Watch this space…….!