Final Major Project

Im a little sad and excited that this is going to be the last project that we undertake for our degree. By the end of this module we will be ready to exhibit our work in our degree show.

For my final project I have decided to focus on issues surrounding consumerism and the waste that is produced from excessive consumption. I want to tackle the recycling issues surrounding packaging and products particularly single use plastic. By designing a code system that would sit on the front of packaging, making the purchaser clearly aware of the recycling qualities, whether its been ethically produced and how it effects their carbon footprint so that they can make an informed choices when buying products. The aim of this to encourage consumers to buy ethically sourced and made products, with high recycling qualities. I want to put pressure on companies to make their products environmental friendly and recyclable. If consumers are made more aware of this qualities and stop buying products for instance with single use packaging, the companies will have to stop using it. The other side of this project is to create a marketing campaign for the code system and booklets and an app to run along side the code system give information about how we can reduce our own carbon foot print.

Creative Brief


As my dissertation surrounds consumerism and how graphic design has facilitated the consumer world that we live in today, I wanted to produce a body of work that highlights how graphic design can make a change for the positive in the world.