Digital Print

Using photoshop we were asked to make a series of images from the same art work as our screen print. Using two colours initially and to experiment with different possibilities within photoshop to create the digital prints. The image that I used for my screen print was a high definition photo of apples. I was initially drawn to this photo because of the vibrant colours.It has a lovely contrast between the crisp green apples and the one solitary red apple.

Red and green apples


Once the image was opened in photoshop it enabled me to adjust the colour and then the brightness and contrast. As with screen printing itself, starting off with a black and white image then adding your colour with stencils and layers. By using this process in photoshop you can achieve a similar effect. I used the the magnetic lasso tool to make the shapes of the apples which then were filled with the paint bucket tool. Having been quite pleased with the final image of all the apples coloured on the top, I discovered that I had over seen a vital part of the process, I hadn’t created another layer on top of the image. Which should have been where the drawn on apples would have gone. This caused a problem as you could still see the original apples underneath the print image.

Because I had come so far, I decided to get rid of the original image by using the magnetic lasso tool again, and deleted the selected parts. It took some time, but I like the final result. Also a lesson learnt….must remember to create layers on top!


Here a few more variations of the final image above.