Final Edits and Printing

Procrastination was my downfall in this project. I had grand ideas of making something that would standout from the crowd, even though I like my final piece, its not as good as I wanted it to be in the first place. Making an interactive piece was the original ambition. Overall though I throughly enjoyed this project, hoping that it reflects in my final piece.

For my final edits, I managed to sort out my rag, the text boxes all nice and rectangular, making the piece look clearer. I changed the last page with a image of light reflexing on the wall, rather than the embossing idea. I feel that pages are more interesting to look at as you read through the piece. I had trouble with the layout of the middle spread, as they were both quite similar in layout. In hindsight I probably could have left one side of the spreads to play to have a play with a larger quote to strengthen the overall feel of the piece.

IMG_0708IMG_0709IMG_0710 2IMG_0711 2

I was disappointed after printing my piece that the last page text wasn’t as legible as it needed to be, the font probably could have been put in bold. Just shows how important it is pre print before final print. I used book binding blots to hold the whole piece together. Im really pleased with the overall design. Now for getting ready for the end of year exhibition, Im a little bit excited, feels great to have finished our first year, really have a great experience. From looking at my final piece compared to project that were produced at the beginning of the year I can see how much I have developed my skills and learn.

Prep for the end of year exhibition

A spot of painting and clearing up from the graduation exhibition.

Displaying of our final projects and pieces from our previous field project.

Was great to see everyones work being displayed. There was some really high quality work thats been produce by everyone. Looking forward to getting stuck into the second year now, though will feel a little lost this summer without being in Uni. Roll on year 2.


Editorial Design progress

Having had a one to one with my tutor, it was suggested that perhaps that I was not utilising my space appropriately, so may be not have so large a cut outs within my layout.


I found this one to one really helpful. Ive taken on the constructive criticism, still plenty of work that needs to be done. I have a feeling that it will all be changed. The typeface needs to be changed too, it was said “delete that typeface off your computer” made me chuckle, and have to agree, poor choice. I was pointed in the direction of using Akzidenz Grotesk, I think that it will work really well,  plus Helvetic was developed from it and its one of my favourites. The use of Garamond would be a nice contrast, to highlight the quotations.

I think that my piece is going to go off in different direction. I went out and took more photos. Literally pointed the camera at the sun in some of them, they came out surprisingly well I think. They almost make me want to squint just looking at them.


I started to redesign the editorial, I had come across book binding bolts that I wanted to incorporate in the final piece, which would also mean looking at printing on thicker paper or even card. On the final page I had ideas of still using the UV ink, in a pop up box at the end to peep through, but it wasn’t something that I think could final justify as to why it was there.

I set about redesigning in InDesign below is my design process so far………..


This is my design to show for the group crit with my peers.

A decade in the dark2.5_Page_1A decade in the dark2.5_Page_2A decade in the dark2.5_Page_3A decade in the dark2.5_Page_4

When designing this I had in mind my Design Boom project, my feedback on this was that the front cover felt different to the contents, so I wanted to make the this editorial flow and have some similarities throughout. The layout I feel is playful, even though I have a few doubts about the quotes cutting off the pages, it will be great to have opinions from my class on this.

A Decade Lived In The Dark – Deconstruction


In order to come up with an individual design for the editorial of this piece, I need to find my own interpretation of the text. By looking at the plot, setting, point of view. purpose, and content I am able to find my own meaning within to develop a design for the layout.

The writer Ed Caesar writes an account from his own point of view with snippets taken from Anna Lyndsey’s memoir and interview with her. The piece flows well, but the conclusion ends I feel fairly abruptly, leaving any type of purpose for the article hanging.  He doesn’t seem to have any feeling towards the Character Anna which are neither objective or subjective – which seems quite odd considering the opening sub-line has reference to doctors opinions.

There are many images that come to mind when reading this piece, such as burning flames, a path to the darkness blinding light. However I want to produce the layout and imagery that it not so literal to the text, something a little abstract.

I decided to break up the text into three parts to fit over the 2 double page spread and a single page at the end. I would like to the text to work with the imagery, so that each section of the text works with different images.

To get some inspiration I googled images that I thought would represent the text.

Im looking forward to taking this piece forward and creating images, as it will enable myself to use the use the skills that I have learnt and developed so far this year.

Portrait Of A Nation – Editorial Workshop

I gained a lot from todays workshop, . We were asked to create a 3 double page spread on a topic chosen at random working in groups of three, our topic was Portrait Of A Nation. We could use any article, text and image from the internet to create our piece. From a bit of research we came across a exhibition called “Picture Of Britain” We took parts of the text, and found the full images of the picture featured in the exhibition.

After splitting the text into three we worked on a double page spread each, conferring with each other as we went along. These are the spread that we created below. We decided that the typeface should be Helvetic as it give a modern feel to the whole piece with clear readability.

The pace throughout is good, with a nice use of white space and hierarchy of the pulled out quotes in the piece to help guide the reader.

portrait of a nation2.2

This spread I did again as I wasn’t happy with the initial design of the layout in the first page. I felt that it needed to have something different to the other 2 double page spreads, to give it some variation but keeping in the visual theme of the layout (split images).

All our work displayed in the studio ready for group presentation. I found the group crit really helpful,  getting feedback on the work we had produced was productive and gave me plenty to think about when it come to designing my individual editorial piece. Comments that came from the crit were the general layout was too similar throughout the spreads, needs mixing up, but keep the consistency. The title pages (first spread) the typography was playful creating a good path for the eye, with clear hierarchy.

This was only a half day workshop, it beneficial to experience a quick turn around on creating a layouts. Just shows what can be achieved in a small space of time.

Editorial design – Changing Faces

Our brief for this term is editorial design. As a profession, editorial design is one of the largest employers of graphic designers. From book design, newspaper publication, magazine design more recently online publications. The success of the publications depends on clear communication and consist story telling, with the use of grid layouts, typography and visual hierarchies in order to keep the readers entertained while they read the content. Varying page layouts with photograph presentation next to bold typographic treatments are ways that these can be achieved. Im really looking forward to getting stuck into this assignment, it will be a chance to get creative with typography and images, as well as utilising the skills that I have learnt and developed over the past year.

From looking at existing editorial designs, I am able to get an idea of all the different layouts and visual properties such as images used, font, composition and path for the eye. The six page spreads below show the ones that stood out to myself while researching different online magazines.


Typography magazine layout by G Martin Graphics – The contrast and the colour scheme in this spread, along with the use of different font in the college on the left hand side which makes this piece stand out to myself. With the yellow linking the two pages together, giving it a good pace and path for the viewer to follow. lados

Lados Magazine –  Within this piece you can see that the use of left justify text, which in most cases would look a bit odd, but it seems to work well. The high contract black and white photograph with colour overlay has a clean and modern feel to it. It all flows well, with a clear path for the eye and hierarchy.

The design of this book was created by Broothaers Elke for a school assignment.  I was drawn into the presentation of this, with the clever rip off design to open up the magazine up, giving it an interactive ascept to the viewers experience. From look at the whole piece on the link below, you can see that Broothaers has kept the layout simple with a strong heirachy and path for the eye on each page. Each of the images are interesting to look at and all link with the calm colour pallet used throughout.  Even though this is a book, it has a feel of a magazine with the layout and pictures working together to bring the piece all together. 

modern design

This double page spread taken from Modern Design Magazine issue 13, which covers Art and Architecture. Designed by Rolando Bouza who has used a grid system throughout the magazine possibly a 12 grid column system giving the pages a variety of ways to display the text. The font is very modern and goes well with the layout and imagery created on the left side of the spread. For myself the path for the eye is taken in by the use of lime green in the collage and the colour in the images which links the two pages together helping to guide you though the article. I like the use of the horizontal line to help with the heirachy of the quote taken out of the text.

Link to the full magazine:

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This layout is a typographic interpretation of obama’s inauguration speech, made for dutch magazine Creatie the only rule was that there were to be no images. The creator has then analysed the intonation of Obama speech and then has broken it down in terms of recurring words with more prominence. I really like the fact the there are no images in this piece, the words have created a visual interest for the viewer. The clever use of different weighs in the text has made the piece come alive. It can be looked over and you get a sense of what is being said without reading the whole piece. 

There are so many magazine layout that I looked at, this part of the research has been a great help to emphasis how many different ways there are to get creative with my own piece of editorial. I really need to have a good eye for detail in this project, as well as creating something that is going to be appealing for the viewer to read.