Final Edits and Printing

Procrastination was my downfall in this project. I had grand ideas of making something that would standout from the crowd, even though I like my final piece, its not as good as I wanted it to be in the first place. Making an interactive piece was the original ambition. Overall though I throughly enjoyed this project, hoping that it reflects in my final piece.

For my final edits, I managed to sort out my rag, the text boxes all nice and rectangular, making the piece look clearer. I changed the last page with a image of light reflexing on the wall, rather than the embossing idea. I feel that pages are more interesting to look at as you read through the piece. I had trouble with the layout of the middle spread, as they were both quite similar in layout. In hindsight I probably could have left one side of the spreads to play to have a play with a larger quote to strengthen the overall feel of the piece.

IMG_0708IMG_0709IMG_0710 2IMG_0711 2

I was disappointed after printing my piece that the last page text wasn’t as legible as it needed to be, the font probably could have been put in bold. Just shows how important it is pre print before final print. I used book binding blots to hold the whole piece together. Im really pleased with the overall design. Now for getting ready for the end of year exhibition, Im a little bit excited, feels great to have finished our first year, really have a great experience. From looking at my final piece compared to project that were produced at the beginning of the year I can see how much I have developed my skills and learn.

Prep for the end of year exhibition

A spot of painting and clearing up from the graduation exhibition.

Displaying of our final projects and pieces from our previous field project.

Was great to see everyones work being displayed. There was some really high quality work thats been produce by everyone. Looking forward to getting stuck into the second year now, though will feel a little lost this summer without being in Uni. Roll on year 2.

Final Presentation and exhibition

I was a some what pleased that we had reached the end of this project, even though I had enjoyed the whole process, it had been a massive learning curve. Which had been challenging. I have come away from this project with another mass of knowledge and skills that can be expanded upon and used in the future. I also really enjoyed working as a collaborative on all the projects this term. I feel that I have been lucky that my groups have all produced some great pieces, good communication and respect have been two of the keys to the success that we had.

Final Presentation



The Exhibition


All the exhibits were for our design as activism projects were all hard hitting and well thought out by the other groups. I work with a lot of talented young designers, their final animations and ephemera show this.

Uncle Tom exhibits

Out of all the groups for our Uncle Tom field module our group got chosen as one of the final pieces to display. It was great to see it being displayed in the exhibition, we worked really well as a group and think that it shows in our final collaborative piece. Its is intriguing, and think that it draws the audience in to take a closer look.