Getting ready for animation

Before we started animating, we had to create and decided on what particular elements that needed to be illustrated, and produced in order to have everything ready to animate.

Text – Objectiv – Dalton Maag

We decided to use this font because of its clean and modern feel to it.

Tagline Logo – Whats your legacy


Maris in our group designed this Logo to go at the end of our animation, as a final thought to make you think about what kind of designer you want to be.

We did all the prep of the illustrations before we began to animate. It was a learning curve, as I had not done any drawing with illustrator before. The images below are the animations that I created on illustrator

Created in Photoshop


These are the initial images that we created

However they did have the right visual style and we liked Joes characters so decided to keep to a simple geometrical style. From this the animation flowed much more fluidly and worked better on the whole.

These were our final images for the animation.

It was came together, and was time to bring our storyboard to life.