Field – Manifesto

Within field we are given the opportunity to engage with other students from different disciplines to gain a perspective of how and different creative practices might help and with our own subject field. We were teaming up with illustration and animation as these are the subjects that we might work mostly with within the creative industry.

During our first session with field we were split up into groups which had the same vision for worries that we have in the world. My group was particularly interested in the environment, so we set about to write a manifesto to help with our pledge to save the planet.


From this manifesto we were asked to make a pop up illustration depicting our views and ideas.


We produced the pop up illustration above. The workshop was a nice change as we were working with our hands, as opposed to working digitally as we mainly do within our own discipline. The outcome was effective, and I think that we were able to get across our message for a sustainable future is all our responsibility.

Above are a few of the pop up illustrations that were created by other groups in our workshop. I particularly like the pop up which pledges for animal welfare.