Client Meeting – Initial concepts

The meeting with our client from Cwm Taf university health board enabled us as a group to discuss our initial concept in response to the brief provided by themselves. The point of the campaign is to raise awareness and actions that the public can easily take in to manage their own medicines effectively.

As a designer the challenge is to communicate these messages via a simple and direct campaign, to enable the recipients to be well informed and able them to make appropriate actions the will improve their health and reduce the risk of unintentional harm to others and the environment. This meeting was a great chance for us to show off our skills and receive feed back from our client.

The meeting in my eyes was a success, the client was pleased and surprised with the amount of work that we had already achieved.

These are the concepts that I presented to the client;

Concept 1.

This campaign is to engage with the patient and make them aware of how much it costs the NHS if you don’t take your medicines properly. It will also make them aware of the benefits of taking their medication properly.


Concept 2.

This campaign is to encourage people to clear out their medicine cabinets and to keep their medicines in a safe and secure place. It will includes tips for parents to help encourage them to keep medication locked away from children and vulnerable adults.



Concept 3.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage pharmacists to have a proper conversation with their and the risks and benefits of taking different drugs. Also to improve the health and well-being of the patients, and to have a more patient focused approach.


The client was veering towards the pharmacy packs, but really liked the tagline on one of the other campaigns of “A Prescription for Good Health.” This is something that I could combine together.