On Display final thoughts

I’d like to say that I breezed through this project , but it was far from it. My biggest struggle was coming up with an innovative design for the exhibition. I eventually came to the final logo after a lot of deliberation and under-confidence in my own designs. The prospect of this project I was really excited about, but in reality I had creative block, and lack for foresight of how the end result would eventually turn out. I got lost in research, a lot of it I have not documented as I got lost down rabbit holes of information that wasn’t really relevant to the project itself. However I completed the task, but not to the best of my ability (probably shouldn’t say that but I feel that it shows in my final work). A lot of the work completed needs tweaking and playing with a lot more to get a more polished result that I would be pleased with. Even so I’m happy with my logo and glad that I changed to it half way through the project as I think that it is a lot more contemporary than my previous design.

I would have liked to created a mock website and have a lot more information about the gallery experience, with a more of an interactive aspect to it than just the Blippar app. I have to say that this project has opened my eyes to the way that consumerism has taken over and has become the normal in everyday society. It may sound a bit ambitious but I would love to make a difference to how the world operates, we created consumerism, surely we can recreate it for the better.



Myopia Logo design

After deciding to go back to my original title for this exhibition I started to play around and make some initial logos. I used the typeface Helvetica, my thinking behind this was it was the most widely used within the advertising industry because of its clear readability. I was trying to focus initially on the meaning of the word Myopia and having it blurred in places and having the focus on a eye or circle shape which would not be blurred. Below are logos that I designed




The design that stood out to myself the most was the logo above. I think that the logo is clear and will be good to play around with in AfterEffects to create the animated logo.



On Display

This five week branding project was the first big project that we had this year. Our brief was to propose and develop a cohesive exhibition experience, by creating an identity brand that works across a number of printed, digital, and spatial contexts. We were given themes to choose from.

I started to break down each theme to decide which one appealed to myself the most.

Apologises for the state of my paper, my drink decided to share itself with my bag!
I choose to go with Defuturing, as this is something I feel is close to my own ethics within design. To make a change in the way that we design for the better of the world.

Defuturing is something that is characterised as 20th design, and is part of the title of a series of books by Tony Fry called A New Design Philosophy, An introduction to Defuturing. I wasn’t able to get hold of a copy of his book but I found quite a lot of snippets via various internet sites. https://www.questia.com/library/3233263/a-new-design-philosophy-an-introduction-to-defuturing 

Whilst reading through the text, I jotted down key parts that where going to start to form ideas for the exhibition.


On display .001

This is the main points that I took from the book. One word that stood out to myself was Myopia. It is not something that I had come across before,

1. Ophthalmology. a condition of the eye in which parallel rays are focused in front of the retina,objects being seen distinctly only when near to the eye; nearsightedness
2. Lack of foresight or discernment; obtuseness.
3. Narrow-mindedness; intolerance.
(Definition taken from dictionary.com)


I thought that the Myopia would be a good name for the exhibition, focusing on the consumerism in particular. We live in a world of desire to acquire and advertising feeds this desire. We have turned consumption and consumerism into a necessity of how we define ourselves in society. The word Myopia I feel fits in well with this topic, shortsightedness of modern society and our need to have “stuff” with the knock on effect that it has on our environment.