YMYH Animation

I decided to create an animation to sit along side the campaign. Something that could sit on social media, in the doctors surgery or on the clients website. I wanted it to be short and to the point, nothing too complicated. I started by visualising the animation by creating an initial story board.


I wanted to keep the animation to about 20 seconds with little text on there to get the point over clearly. Using icons that I had already created for leaflets and posters so that it all ties in together. In the storyboard above I thought that by creating a heartbeat line which would write out the text in the animation.  My initial attempt, is without the heart beat line writing the text, using aftereffects I drew up a new storyboard for the client presentation.


Below is my first attempt…….

However after an tutorial it was suggested that I use the heart which sits on the campaign ephemera. Also to have the text more punchy with ASK, YOUR PHARMACIST, YOUR HEALTH, YOUR MEDICINE, which would go along with a beating heart sound effect and the words pulsing to the beat.

After review this with my lecturer, I decided that the text needed to sit in a different order within the animation, to give a clearer message to the audience. After some more tweaking the finish product that I  am going to presented to the client in our final presentation.

Deforestation – Visualising our ideas

Looking at other animations was a way of helping us to come up with some ideas on pace and movement within our own animation. As well as admiring some really skilled animators out there.

This animation below, is a mixture of cute and horrifying, which is a Australian public service campaign by Metro trains in Melbourne to promote rail safety. The animation itself is quite simplistic. But just shows you that simple things can really have a impact. There is a case study that states that there is a correlation between an improvement in accident figures and the campaign. Making this animation highly effective to the viewer.

As well as the video distribution the campaign appeared on local radio, newspapers, and outdoor advertising, it also has an gaming app released a year later, it invites the players to avoid dangerous activities. The creators figured out the right way to reach a younger audience. The thing that I learnt from reading about this campaign is that the distribution is equally important as the creative side. The marketing team chose their distribution really well. The results speak for themselves with millions of views world wide.

This animation I really like, there is a likability to the character, which make me as a viewer feel something = gives a human element to it. This in marketing terms gives the animation power, because if a viewer can relate it creates emotions, these emotions have the power to make a difference.

Because of our limited knowledge of Aftereffects going down the simplistic route was a good option for us, plus we would be able to get our points across in a clear and precise way. We decided that by having the planet earth as the central focus it would be an effective way visualising the message we had to convey.


These are the initial sketches that I did before coming up with our narrative story.

IMG_2544 2

I also made a planet earth in Illustrator as a starting point to work from. It took me a bit of time as I had not made a 3d object before in illustrator. But a few youtube tutorials later I cracked it.

However having done this, once I placed the 3d image into Aftereffects it was flattened to a 2d image again and I was unable to make it spin. Some more youtube videos later along with the help from one of my tutors Matt, we discovered that I was able to make a 3d global actually in Aftereffects. It was very satisfying to see my global spinning.

However before we came to the animation we needed to come up with our storyboard, to help us visualise our narrative. The target audience that we decided to aim towards was graphic designers, as they stand between a business and an audience, they have the power to shift the status quo towards more sustainable solutions within design. Design is about effecting a change, by aiding the development of green markets.

These are the sketches produced from brainstorming as a group. IMG_2545


This slideshow below, shows the storyboard that I developed after our brainstorming session.

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However, as a group we came up with a slightly different narrative, we are going to develop this one further ready for the animation process. IMG_2547

Now to get started!!!